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Recyclate comes in many forms but includes not least, glass, beverage cans, food cans, plastic drink containers, paper, cardboard, textiles etc.

Many other items are recycled by businesses but these are generally collected and recycled as part of a waste management contracts, itemssuch as vehicle batteries, food oil, tires etc.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

MSW accounts for millions of tons of discarded waste every year. Most waste would be collected by curbside waste management contractors employed on behalf of government agencies.

The MENA region has very little curbside collection in place of 2020, most MSW is dumped in large open skips (containers) at various locations within communities.

Within MENA over 50% of waste is classed as organic (food/garden) in its nature. This could provide energy, fertilizer, or other value-added product if recycled correctly.

MSW generally goes through one of two processes:
1 - Segregated waste (clean recyclate). Separated by households.
2 - Co-mingled (dirty waste). Container waste.


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