​Taif - The Garden City

​Taif now covers a total area of about eight hundred hectares, whereas the area of the city did not exceed two and half square kilometers in 1951, which indicates the great expansion which the city of approximately two and fifty thousands population has witnessed.
Taif residents produce just over one thousand four hundred ton (1,400) of Municipal Solid Waste per day. A yearly total of half a million (500,000) tons.
  1. Kirbside Collection
    Kirbside Collection
    Without a managed plan of kirbside collections, residents take their waste and deposit it in the street. This produces odours and vermin problems for local residents
  2. Abadoned Waste
    Abadoned Waste
    Known in the west as Fly Tipping. Local companies abandon their waste on any open non developed area.
  3. Plastic bag trees
    Plastic bag trees
    Found throughout Saudi Arabia, the plastic bag tree accumulates large amounts of single use plastic bags.
  4. Large Item Collection
    Large Item Collection
    Residents leave their excess large items such as furniture in open non developed areas.